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Client Testimonials

It gives me great joy to have helped so many women and families experience their pregnancy and labor in a positive way. I’m especially happy to share some of the positive feedback I’ve received from clients, many of whom I’ve remained in touch with.
Have you checked out my Google reviews? If not I would encourage you to see what people are saying about Beautiful Births with Jenny.

Testimonials: Testimonials

 Jenny with Beautiful Births with Jenny exceeded any of my expectations. I had a very traumatic first birth and didn't want to experience that again, so we hired Jenny. She was very knowledgeable and helpful. She was always just a phone call away to answer any of my questions. When it came to deliver it was easy and enjoyable. Three pushes and he was in my arms and I had a completely unmedicated birth which was my goal from the beginning. When I doubted my ability to do it, she talked me through it and reminded me I can do it and it was what I wanted, yet wasn't pushy. I was in control of my labor and delivery, Every part of it. If you are looking to have an amazing birth, Jenny is your gal. I'm so thankful we went with her. You will not be disappointed!

Walker Family


This was my second pregnancy. I had a doula with my first but because of Covid she was not practicing, so I was nervous to start the process again with a new person but Jenny made the transition and process easy and completely flawless. I felt so comfortable with her, and she made sure I knew she was there for anything I needed, even if it was just to vent about how miserable I was feeling. Then when it came to the actual day of my little ones arrival, she was there by my side making sure EVERYTHING I wanted out of my birth experience was achieved. She even took pictures for me and my husband as no one was allowed in the hospital because of Covid. Though we had no family there with us, I felt as if we did! She was kind, passionate, caring and you can tell she loves what she does. Jenny will be my doula for all my pregnancies here on out!

Wilson Family


I am so grateful for Jenny being there when we had our baby. She was an awesome, solid, calm, and reassuring presence that completed the environment. She was an absolute joy to have as part as our birth team. I was immediately comfortable with her and my midwife showed confidence in her right away as well. She never faltered when things became intense. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have Jenny's assistance before, during, and after my birth. She was exactly the person I needed on my team and I didn't even know it. I feel so blessed the circumstances worked out for her to be there.

Todd &  Daphni

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I hired Jenny for my first homebirth experience. I already had done 5 hospitals births and wanted to try a homebirth, but I knew I did want to do it with as much support as possible. I am SO GLAD I hired Jenny. I honestly do not believe I could have done it without her. She made sure my birth was a peaceful experience and was there helping me through every contraction. She knew just the right pressure to use on my back to ease labor. She came to my home ahead of time and set up a calming atmosphere with light and affirmation cards. I really loved my homebirth. Thank you, Jenny!

Schlaud Family

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