Doula Work During This Pandemic

Covid-19 has impacted this world like we never dreamed possible. It has inched its way into every aspect of our lives, sadly, including the birth process. Many hospitals in my area are limiting support for their patients. Some hospitals are have been accommodating to doulas while others have not. Recently, I heard of a local hospital only letting doulas in AFTER a negative Covid-19 test from the birthing person.  While rules and regulations are constantly changing, I'm in hopes that our health care system will continually acknowledge the importance of having a doula. We are not visitors. We are knowledgeable support people that are an addition to the medical staff. I cannot always guarantee that I will be allowed with you at your birth. It is important to stay up to date on the hospital policy where you are giving birth. I will always do my best to fight for your right to have me with you as your doula. 

Personally, I want you to know that I take this virus very seriously and am taking every precaution I can take in my personal life to keep my clients safe. I have dedicated myself to my clients and keeping them healthy and therefore am not going into public places without a mask and I am social distancing. I try to limit my grocery trips and I have chosen to skip some family gatherings in order to reduce the number of people I come in contact with. I wash my hands before leaving and after returning home. I assure you, I am doing my part to stop the spread of this virus. 

Surgical Mask